The Merchant's Guide to Contactless Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

A Merchant Guide to Contactless Payments

Contactless payments get consumers through lines more quickly with the simple tap of a contactless chip card, mobile device or wearable. Contactless payments are just as secure as EMV chip payments! Most chip terminals today come with the ability to accept contactless payments. Read the FAQ below to learn more.

What are contactless payments?
Contactless payments are in-person payments made with contactless chip cards, smart phones and/or wearables that do not require physical contact between the device and the point of sale (POS) terminal. Consumers simply hold their payment device close (1-2 inches) to the terminal and the payment is processed wirelessly in a few seconds.
What types of devices can make contactless payments?
A contactless payment can be made on any contactless-enabled device including contactless chip cards, and smartphones or wearables with mobile wallets. Contactless-enabled devices use the same technology to communicate with the terminal – Near Field Communication (NFC) – so if your terminal accepts one type of contactless payment, all types are accepted. Some common mobile wallets include Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.
How do I know if my business or other businesses accept contactless payments?
Businesses that accept contactless payments may have the EMVCo Contactless Indicator on a checkout terminal and/or the EMVCo Contactless Symbol on their POS terminal screen. Some businesses also choose to show other contactless payments acceptance logos such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. If you aren’t sure if you accept contactless payments or want to get started accepting them, contact your acquirer or payment services provider.
I can only get Samsung contactless transactions to work – do I have contactless?
You might. Samsung supports NFC transactions and also another technology for contactless payments. Ask your acquirer or payment services provider for more information.
How do I know if a customer has a contactless card?
If a customer has a contactless card, the EMVCo Contactless Indicator will appear on either the front or the back of the card.
What type of merchants can accept contactless payments?
Contactless payments can be accepted for in-person payments across merchant types, including retail, hospitality (including including quick serve restaurants), transit, vending and wireless/mobile (i.e. anyone that needs to take payments on the go!).
What if my terminal doesn’t accept contactless payments?
Payment cards will still have a chip and a magnetic stripe on the back, so even if your terminal is not yet contactless-enabled, consumers can use their card as they do today. If you want to get started accepting contactless payments, contact your acquirer or payment services provider.
Are contactless payments as secure as contact chip card payments?
Yes, contactless payments are as secure as contact chip transactions. Every contactless transaction creates a unique one-time code to protect the payment information. If you want to learn more about contactless payment security, visit the complete FAQ created by the Secure Technology Alliance at